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Deborah Vaughan

Known affectionately to most as "Revdeb", Deborah Vaughan is an author, educator and popular workshop facilitator and speaker.

An Anglican priest for 20 years, Deborah is now the Presiding Bishop of the Community Catholic Church of Canada.

A graduate of Trinity College with a degree in Journalism from Ryerson, Deborah offers services dedicated to helping people rediscover their joy and satisfaction in life through Spiritual Direction, workshops, counselling and pastoral services. 

Deborah is also part-time pastor at Elcho United Church, in beautiful rural Ontario.

She has facilitated seminars on such topics as stress reduction, meditation and inner healing; workshops on empowerment, prosperity, self-esteem and forgiveness as well as many other topics. Her popular internet radio show can be heard most weekdays at


 Jean Porche

The Reverend Jean Porche is a gifted writer and lecturer as well as an experienced teacher whose background includes teaching students from grades five through adult. Her specialties include working with dyslexic and ADD students.

Jean was recently ordained to the priesthood and is dedicated to work  that nurtures the spirit and assists in healing of the body, mind and soul.   Among her writings are meditations, devotionals, articles and other works designed to assist readers to welcome and express greater love and satisfaction in their lives.

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The Community Catholic Church of Canada

With roots in the Old Catholic Church, the CCCC is an inclusive, progressive denomination in the Catholic/Anglican tradition.  Recognized by the Anglican Church and part of the family of catholic churches, the CCCC has valid orders and apostolic succession.

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