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Nurturing Your Spirit!

A Wonderful Advent Resource for Study Groups

We've all been there. 

Sometimes as Advent rolls around, there is a sense of "same old, same old." 

There are some wonderful liturgical resources available and many kinds of bible studies out there, but perhaps you are looking for a different way to get your group into the spirit of this wonderful season of preparing for the coming of the Christ Child into the world!

Written by Bishop Deborah Vaughan and the Rev’d Jean Porche, this book of Advent reflections calls us to explore once again the beauty of the Christmas narrative.  

That Christmas feeling  -- hearts tingling with wonder at the mystical mingling of Divinity and stables, shepherds and choirs of angels and Christmas and what it means to the world -- is, for many, only a memory.
In the busy-ness of life, it can be difficult to set aside time to prepare our hearts and nurture our Spirit, and so the Christmas miracle gets lost in the endless list of preparations for the holidays.

It doesn't have to be that way.  We believe this little book of devotions will inspire readers and restore the shine to their experience of Christmas.

This resource is helpful for
  • priests, pastors, prayer and worship leaders
  • church school teachers
  • youth group leaders
  • leaders of women's and men's groups
  • anyone looking for a daily devotion resource

This book of reflections will be helpful whether you are looking for a weekly resource with a study group, a resource to spark ideas for worship and preaching, a daily devotional aid for congregation members... It is as versatile and unique as your parish!

We are offering the book as a PDF e-book at one low price of $40 until Nov. 27, with a license to print out as many copies as you need.  You will receive your download in your email inbox up to an hour after ordering.

There is a companion study guide with excellent discussion starters for the material so that each member can explore the material and deepen their experience of Advent.

Until November 27, the Study Guide comes free with your order!
(A $15 value)


"I ordered the ebook and asked the members of my group to chip in $5.00.  That  covered the cost of the paper for each book and the cost of the book order!"            Rev. P.D., Mississauga, ON

"We are planning on having a fundraiser with my group.  We will ask a little more than the cost of copying and put some monies into the Christmas fund!"  B.P.,Scarborough, ON


Included with your order until November 27th: 

Entering the Mystery: E- Study Guide
A $15 value
30 Pages, including participant's handouts

A must have companion to the reflection book! 
For clergy and lay leaders alike, this wonderful resource book  assists groups working through Entering The Mystery as an Advent Study. Comes with four weekly lessons, discussion starters, weekly advent prayers and more!

Other Payment Options:

We can accept your VISA or Mastercard over the phone at 905-468-8448. Electronic transfers are accepted.  Or pay conveniently at the Paypal Link below.

You can order the e-book for personal devotions as well.  Please visit here for more details and to order your download copies. 

Entering the Mystery - Church Edition plus Study Guide