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Entering the Mystery:  A Personal Journey

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A Beloved Story.

Since we were infants, many of us have participated in the Christmas story in many ways.

We may have been in a Christmas pageant, or have heard the story read to us while sitting on a loved ones' lap, or watched television specials or sung the carols of the season.

We know the story by heart and still, every Christmas Eve, our hearts tingle with wonder at the mystical mingling of Divinity and stables, shepherds and choirs of angels and what it means to the world...

The Christmas story speaks in symbol and imagery. It calls us to look to the shining stars and feel a part of something bigger.

Entering the Mystery offers an intimate walk with the characters of the story. In it we meet a young girl named Mary, an older man named Joseph, an Angel on a mission and a familiar cast of people. But, this book of daily reflections is a dance with the mystery, with the way in which Creator moves through each person, creature and scene -- and our life too.

The book is divided into four parts. Each one opens with a passage of Scripture relating to part of the Christmas story along with a poem to set the theme. Each day's activity includes prayers, storytelling, questions and reflections to help readers enter the mystery of that holy tale.

It is our belief that the story of the Nativity has much to teach us regardless of religious denomination or faith tradition. Whether the story of the Nativity is part of your faith as literally true or you regard it as a faith-tale to be understood on a spiritual and figurative level, you will find these journal activities bring its richness to life.

This year, prepare your heart for the birthing of something wonderful in your life! Enter the mystery and be transformed....


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